The practice offers an extensive range of preventive, routine and cosmetic dental work to keep your smile looking great and your mouth fit and healthy.

White Fillings

All Porcelain Crowns



Diet Advice

Oral Hygiene Advice

Teeth Whitening

Oral Cancer Screening

Nervous Patients


The Full Private option aims to offer you the highest standards in both service and materials.  

Routine Exam                                     £44.00

New Patients                                      £60.00

Hygienist                                             £50.00                             

Fillings from                                        £58.00                        

Crowns from                                       £399.00     

Dentures from                                     £800.00

Root Canal Treatment from from        £220.00

We also offer a personalised gumshield for £70.00


Denplan offers a way of budgeting for your dental treatment.  The treatment received is exactly the same as in The Full Private option.  A monthly fee is paid to Denplan, which covers all the treatment carried out at the surgery.  When treatment involves laboratory work, such as crowns or dentures, a fee is paid to cover this cost.  Cosmetic work and specialist referrals are not covered.  To find out more visit or click on the link.


Our NHS list is quite full and unfortunately there is no extra funding from the NHS to increase the list.  However, we are still accepting children on the NHS, as we it is the right thing to do.  We have a low coist alternative to NHS dentistry, called the Oral Health Plan.

Oral Health Plan

The Oral Health Plan is designed as a good quality, affordable alternative for people who are struggling to find an NHS dentist.  It is designed as a low cost, good quality, dental plan replicating NHS dentistry.

We are able to offer crowns, bridges and dentures at NHS quality.