The practice offers an extensive range of preventive, routine and cosmetic dental work to keep your smile looking great and your mouth fit and healthy

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What we offer

We provide routine dental care, in order to keep your mouth healthy. We always do a routine check of the soft tissues to spot any early cancerous changes, as well as checking gums and teeth.

What are the fees?

All our dentists are trained in the modern principles and techniques of cosmetic dentistry, providing the latest crowns and veneers.

What are the fees?

We are presently using the Boutique Whitening system, which we believe gives excellent and durable results. Top-up kits can then be used after the initial whitening has been done.

What are the fees?

We usually refer patients to Wathen Road Dental Practice in Dorking for implants. Dr Antonio De Vivo is the resident implantologist.

What are the fees?

This is a way of budgeting for private dental treatment. You pay a monthly fee which is worked out by assessing the current state of your oral health. All your routine dental work is then covered, apart from referrals and lab work.

What are the fees?

This is a new dental plan offered by this practice.

The aim is to provide LOWER COST private dentistry in order to secure and maintain your oral health.

We provide silver-amalgam fillings on back teeth and single shade white fillings on front teeth. Crowns and dentures are provided to an NHS standard.

What are the fees?

Although we have no extra funding for new NHS patients, we are still accepting new child patients, as we believe this is the right thing to do as part of the Chessington community. We have a low cost alternative to NHS dentistry, called the Oral Health Plan.

What are the fees?

What our customers say

Everyone is so friendly and make you feel relaxed and at ease.

The friendly and efficient atmosphere. Don’t mind coming at all!

Good friendly atmosphere and an air of competence.

Making you feel at ease and friendliness.

Friendly staff. Expert advice and care.

Have great confidence in dental practice that they will do their best for me. Professional and efficient but very approachable and feel they care. Can always discuss problems. Always helpful and friendly, very much like the Denplan scheme. Excellent practice.

The nurse and receptionist are helpful and friendly. The appointment is always on time, with not much time spent waiting. Our dentist is kind, professional, considerate, gentle and understanding.

The dental people here are extremely nice and they are always helping my teeth.

Gentle, kind and reassuring.

Very friendly, reassuring and a lovely practice